Summer just isn’t the same without fresh, juicy, delicious corn. Whether you’re cooking them on the barbecue in your backyard, or boiling them in a big pot at your cottage, devouring fresh Ontario corn is a must-do summer experience.

Not all corn sold in Ottawa grocery stores is the same, however, so when you’re hunting for the biggest, freshest, tastiest corn available, look no further than Farmer’s Pick. We’re passionate about fresh produce; in fact, we inspect all the corn and produce we receive by hand, and if it doesn’t meet or exceed our high expectations, we don’t sell it. It’s that simple. So, when you come down and pick up a dozen corn for your family and friends, you know it’s going to be scrumptious and your guests will be coming back for seconds and thirds.Fresh and Delicious Farmer's Pick Corn

What Makes Farmer’s Pick Corn So Good?

At Farmer’s Pick, we don’t just settle for any corn. We’re incredibly picky when it comes to all of the corn and produce we sell because our customers deserve the best. We only carry fresh Ontario corn and it shows in our amazingly fresh and tasty Farmer’s Pick Corn.

A selection of fresh Ontario corn from Farmer's Pick

6 Reasons to Choose Farmer’s Pick Corn:

  1. It’s big and filling
  2. Kernels are thick and packed with flavour
  3. There are no bare patches—it’s full of delicious kernels from top to bottom
  4. It’s incredibly fresh, you won’t find dry, shriveled corn at Farmer’s Pick
  5. Farmer’s Pick Corn comes from some of the best farms in Ontario
  6. We always offer Farmer’s Pick Corn for a fantastic price

It’s corn season, so don’t delay and come down to Farmer’s Pick for fresh, delicious Ontario corn. Serve some up for dinner or your next backyard barbecue—your friends and family will thank you.

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