Ottawa’s #1 Choice for Imported Fine Cheese

Cheese is more than just food; for many people, it’s a passion. Just about everyone has a favourite type of cheese and at Farmer’s Pick you’re bound to find your preferred type of cheese because we have Ottawa’s largest selection of European cheese along with a vast selection of delicious local options and other rare cheeses from across the globe. Choose from our selection of premium brands including, Saputo, Tre Selle, Balderson, Agropur, Krinos, and a wide range of other top-quality brands from Europe and around the world. Whether you’re looking for a soft cheese, firm cheese, or something in between, Farmer’s Pick is the place to go for some of the finest cheese available in the Ottawa area.

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Delicious Fine Cheese in Ottawa

If you’re looking for high-quality imported fine cheese, you’ve come to the right place. We have the largest selection of fine cheese from throughout Europe, including delicious parmesan cheese from Rossi that we cut right in the store. You can taste the difference high-quality parmesan makes and we have some of the best in Ottawa. Along with parmesan, it’s hard to beat the vast selection of fine cheese Farmer’s Pick has to offer, so stop by our store and choose from a range of delicious cheeses, including:

Looking for a Specific Type of Fine Cheese? We can Help!

Just like you, we have our favourite types of fine cheese. We understand that can it seem almost impossible to find certain cheeses in Ottawa. That’s why we’re so happy to offer a vast selection of fine cheese from Europe and across the globe to our customers. If you are looking for a certain type of fine cheese but can’t find it, let us know. We’ll speak to our suppliers and work hard to find the cheese you’re looking for and bring it in so you can enjoy your favourite imported cheese with your family and friends. We like to learn about different kinds of cheese that our customers love, so don’t be shy and talk to one of our friendly, expert staff members if you have a request. Customer service is our top priority and we’re always happy to help.

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The Farmer’s Pick Difference

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Fresh, Affordable Produce

Here at Farmer's Pick, you're only going to find the freshest fruits and vegetables available. Shop our market-style produce section and find your favourite fruits and vegetables. You'll be able to taste the difference freshness makes when you first take a bite out of soft fruit, melons, grapes, or any of our fruits and veggies. Fresh food lasts longer, is healthier and, above all, tastes better.

Delectable Deli and European Cheeses

We take cheese and deli meats seriously, and that's why we have our own in-store deli: so we can ensure our customers only get the best cheeses and deli meats possible. Our 36 ft. cheese display offers a range of cheeses from around the world, including Ottawa's largest selection of European cheese. We also offer a range of delectable, high-quality deli meats that are perfect for a quick, wholesome lunch. Come by and grab a freshly made sandwich and find out what good food tastes like.

In-Store Master Butcher

Simply put, we offer the best meat products available in Ottawa. Butchery truly is an art, and our master butcher is one of the best in the business. We age our meats for a full 21 days, (compared to 14 days for some competitors) which locks in the flavour and helps ensure the meat is tender, juicy, and delicious. Take home an Angus AAA steak supplied by local farmers, or try some all-natural Italian sausages made in-store using a trusted family recipe-they are probably the best in the city.

From Scratch European Bakery

Our Italian bakery makes everything from scratch and only uses all natural ingredients because we only deliver the best products possible to our customers. While many of our competitors have their pre-made baked goods delivered on a truck, we offer freshly baked bread, buns, treats, and other goodies that you can only find in a real Italian bakery.

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