We live in a busy, hectic world. If we’re not rushing to work, we’re hurrying home to get to class or take the kids to soccer practice. When you’re hungry and simply don’t have time to make a meal, you COULD go the fast food route, but why would you? Fast food can be expensive, isn’t healthy, and often really isn’t that tasty. Forget about thin, tasteless burgers and soggy fries because the Farmer’s Pick deli has the solution to your hunger woes: a fresh, delicious and affordable sandwich made to order just the way you like it.

Fresh Bread Makes All the Difference

You can’t have a delicious sandwich without good bread, and we use some of the best bread in the city to make our deli sandwiches. In fact, our in-store bakery bakes fresh bread every day just for our sandwiches. The bread we use is never frozen and doesn’t have the preservatives and chemicals you’ll find in the subs and sandwiches you find at fast food restaurants. Instead of preservatives and chemicals, our bread is made with water, yeast, flour, and a whole lot of passion for making delicious food.

Vegetables and Toppings Prepared Daily

Farmer’s Pick is known for carrying the freshest produce in Ottawa. Our deli staff chops fresh vegetables every morning so we’re ready to make your sandwich exactly the way you like it. Onions, peppers, lettuce—you name it and we’ll add it to your sandwich, along with your favourite sauces including mayonnaise, hot sauce, and premium mustards.

The Best Deli Meats in Ottawa

Next, choose your favourites deli meats. We only carry the best quality deli meats from the world’s best brands. Whether you’re looking for a simple turkey sandwich or a scrumptious custom sandwich with prosciutto, salami, and mortadella, we can make it happen.

Choose Your Cheese

Complete your sandwich by picking your favourite cheese from our massive selection from Europe and around the world. We have the largest selection of European cheese in Ottawa, so pick your favourite and make your page something special.

13 Authentic Italian Homemade Sandwiches

Sometimes it’s better to let the experts do their work. Our deli team has created a menu of delicious Italian sandwiches for you to choose from, so stop by Farmer’s Pick for a quick lunch or on your way home from work. We make it easy to have a healthy, delicious meal when you’re on the go.

Farmer’s Pick Sandwich Options:

1 – Tacchino
Stacked Cuddy Oven Roasted Turkey Breast with Swiss Cheese

2 – Tacchino Piccante
Stacked Oven Roasted Turkey Breast with Mastro Hot Genoa Salami and Inferno Havarti Cheese

3 – Quattro Carni
Stacked San Daniele Classica Mortadella, Mastro Genoa Salami, Bona Capicollo, Mastro Prosciutto Cotto and Saputo Provolone Cheese

4 – Diavolo
Stacked San Daniele Hot Mortadella, Mastro Hot Genoa Salami, Bona Hot Capicollo and Saputo Provolone Cheese

5 – Manzo Affumicato
Stacked Levitts Smoke Meat and Swiss Cheese

6 – Manzo Arrostito 
Stacked Levitts Roast Beef and Swiss Cheese

7 – Foresta Nera
Stacked Brandt Black Forest Ham and Havarti Cheese

8 – Misto Italiano
Stacked San Daniele Classica Mortadella, Mastro Genoa Salami, Bona Capicollo and Saputo Provolone Cheese

9 – Prosciutto Cotto
Stacked Mastro Prosciutto Cotto and Saputo Provolone Cheese

10 – Vegeteriano
Assorted Freshly Cut Vegetables

11 – Calabrese
Stacked Mastro Hot Calabrese Salami, Mastro X-Hot Capicollo and Inferno Havarti Cheese

12 – Di Parma
Stacked Fini Prosciutto Di Parma, Saputo Tuma Cheese and Premium Olive Oil

13 – Mortadella Classica
Stacked San Daniele Classica Mortadella and Saputo Provolone Cheese

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