Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in Canada, and it’s not hard to see why. There are few things more delicious than a big, fresh banana like the ones we sell at Farmer’s Pick. But, bananas are more than just tasty, they are also versatile.

Start the day with a delectable banana sliced on top of a bowl of cereal or yogurt. If you’re the active type who loves to go to the gym, a banana is the perfect post-workout snack. For those with a sweet tooth, bananas pair well with ice cream, or as the featured ingredient in a banana cream pie. As you can see, bananas are a welcome addition to almost any meal.

We all love bananas, but how much do we REALLY know about them? Here are 7 facts about bananas that will make you appreciate them even more:

  1. Humans share approximately 50% of our DNA with bananas. (Source)
  2. Believe it or not, bananas are technically classified as berries. (Source)
  3. Since the natural starch in bananas turns into sugar over time, the longer a banana is left to ripen, the sweeter it will be. (Source)
  4. The official scientific name for a banana is “musa sapientum” which means “fruit of the wise man”. (Source)
  5. Up to the 1960s the most common type of banana was the Gros Michel, but it was wiped out by the infamous Panama Disease. Currently, the most common type of banana found in stores is the Cavendish banana. (Source)
  6. Similar to apples and watermelons, bananas float in water because they are less dense than H2O. (Source)
  7. The oils from banana peels can help relieve itching from bug bites and even poison ivy. (Source)

How well do you know your banana trivia? Did we stump you with any of these fascinating facts? Now that you’ve got bananas on the brain, check out our recipe for Frozen Banana Pops, an ideal end of summer treat.


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