Put down those small, dry, lifeless strawberries. There’s no need to settle for mediocre strawberries when Farmer’s Pick offers some of the biggest, juiciest, and tastiest strawberries you’ll ever eat for an outstanding price.

We take our produce seriously, which means we hand-inspect all the fruits and vegetables delivered to our store, including the tasty California strawberries that arrive each week. If the strawberries we receive don’t meet or exceed our high expectations, we don’t put them on our shelves. Our customers deserve the best fruits and vegetables available and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Farmer’s Pick.

If you have a craving for luscious strawberries, visit Farmer’s Pick for some of the best strawberries you’ll find in Ottawa.

How to Choose Strawberries

According to Seasoned Advice—a popular Q + A site for professional and amateur chefs— smell is the most reliable way to find the best fruit, including strawberries. Since flavour is a mixture of both taste and smell, your nose is your most important tool when looking for fresh, delicious strawberries.

For a strawberry, you want a fragrant smell together with enough sweetness. For both, the berry has to be ripe enough. If it was picked under-ripe, it won’t smell good enough yet, and it will also be hard and sour. If it was picked long ago and is not fresh anymore, it will have lost the more volatile components of its fragrance. So ripe, fresh strawberries smell great. Seasoned Advice 

Summer Strawberry Recipe Ideas

Strawberries are a fantastic treat on their own, or part of a classic strawberry shortcake, but there are all sorts of yummy meals you can make with fresh strawberries from Farmer’s Pick.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best—like our take on chocolate covered strawberries, aka. Perugina Fragole Al Cioccolato. If you’re looking for something truly different, why not try giving your hummus a strawberry twist? It may sound a little offbeat, but it’s also a tasty twist on traditional hummus. Are you planning on making a healthy salad for lunch? You can always add some strawberries to a cobb salad to give it a fresh, sweet finish. And if you’re the type of person who is always on the go, why not whip up a smoothie and add a few strawberries to put your smoothie over the top?

If you’re looking for the best strawberries in Ottawa, look no further than Farmer’s Pick—good food starts here.

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